The Human Experience

What separates  us rom the animals is that we have a consciousness of our own mortality.  It is common for us to experience emotional discord due to this known fact.  We are by default predisposed to feeling negative emotions based on the facts that we change, we encounter illness, we seek approval, we social climb, we seek out to live better, be better we strive for perfection. 

We are as brilliant as we are stupid, loving as much as hateful, together as much as we are apart creative and destructive.  We witness this when we see the rise and fall of many talented stars.  Lance Armstrong a hero to many however his long lived career was built on his drug taking.  His need to be the best, succeed took over.  Lance possibly had so much anxiety about losing that the possibility of losing that the perceived threat loomed over him and he decided to seek out certainty.  Certainty to win and that he did until he was discovered. Upon the discovery of his drug taking the world was exposed to his lack of empathy and need to win.  Therefore exposing Lance Armstrong’s mental wellbeing.  Lance Armstrong’s human experienced was viewed by. The world, he as not exempt because he is famous, famous people are people they can be both nice and horrid, liars and truth tellers, reliable and irresponsible and all of which have their own emotional wellbeing issues which either encourage or diminish their growth.

From the rise and fall of stars such as Mel Gibson and the hidden depression of Janet Jackson to the worldwide tragic demise of Amy Winehouse.  Stars who have lived through the experience of their own humanity and lived to tell the tale of their own fallibility, Catherine Zeta Jones, Wayne Brady, Lady Gaga the list goes on. All as human as you and me,  their human experience of their very own mental health.

We all have it, mental health, it is a question of whether your mental health is wealthy or unhealthy

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