The Trouble With Rumination

Rumination and Worry

Ruminate, the act of sitting and thinking over and over again about something. A act which can be both helpful and counterproductive.  A common function of those with anxiety and or depression and basically any other emotional disturbance.

It is a classic reason to perceive a threat out of something that may very well not be actually present.  People who ruminate can sometimes add on events to past events and revisit the past event and find something else that may be deemed as a threatens and from which causes them to want to lash out at others.

Things that can be triggered by rumination, passive aggression, aggression, depression, anxiety, jealousy, hurt and envy.

It is a troublesome act that gets you nowhere.  But so many of us participate in it.  Worry and stress created by rumination.  Believing that an event happened in a particular way and was created to be against you in some way. I am not saying that in some cases events are not purposely created to be against you. But what I am saying is rumination places the ruminator at the heart of the pain, the threat the problem. Rendering them compromised during heir rumination.

I know people who are in their late 40/50s who hold on to an event that happened 20 years ago, each time they ruminate and discus  a past issue the events change and become distorted. 

Truth is you can never play back the past in its true format, word for word, action, tone, meaning, lighting whatever. .  Impossible, because your view and perception and how you felt at that time will be totally different each time.  Whether you felt fear during the situation, you may feel anger now, that anger may move to hurt and then anxiety.  Each time crating a different dynamic about what had actually happened.

From my experience those who ruminate often upset themselves, crating more divide based on whatever their perception was at the time of the rumination, not that actual event.  Past encounters a a lived experience and that experience can only be re-lived based on the mindset of the individual living the recounter.

No good can come from it, except of course if you are trying to work a solution and building on an idea. 

But take a delicate situation for example maybe some kind of frustrations or mishap or altercation.  Where a person faired off having lost something or believing that they were slighted in someway.  The rumination factor here would only help to increase the frustration taking that person away from their present human experience , propelling them into a past human experience.  Then that person is no longer living in the ow, the present.  They say the present is a gift, given to us momentarily, I say that anxiety, depression other unhealthy negative emotional disturbance rob us of that gift.

When you ruminate about a problem, it does not make it better, it just makes it worse, when you act on that rumination then you create worse for your present by bringing a  past problem into your human experience of now.

It is easier said than done, but letting go and moving forward gives you the power to embrace a human experience that you control to your shaping.  It is time to stop being shaped by past events and create the shape you want to be.

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