Online Line Marketing MLM

So for arguments say let’s just say I’m a skeptic. In fact I’m not just skeptical I just don’t believe them.

Why because I’ve been stung not once not twice but a few times and I’d never go back. The PTSD of having been through it blocks me from remembering it.

I find my wealth in good old fashioned hard work from my education and my entrepreneurship.

There is an uneasiness about a lot of these online marketing businesses. One of the things that stands out is how they prey on the financially vulnerable, those who can’t afford it. Then tend to tie you in and force you to use your friends and family as bait. Then if people don’t buy the tactic is to ridicule them, better them and then cut them off.

I’ve seen it first hand. I once had a guy on Facebook tell me that his online marketing will bring me xxxx amount of money and that I’ve wasted my time on my psychotherapist course. I couldn’t believe it, not to mention the amount he quoted was what I made anyway and my course has since paid for itself with the doors it opened for me.

My concern is that there are so many people buying into the online marketing fads and coming out with nothing. I watch in my social media newsfeeds the pitches the sales from people who are desperate to be made into a person with status based on their new MLM.

These MLM bare striking resemblance to a pyramid scheme.many people are losing out and too ashamed to say that they’ve been caught out by these companies who encourage you to recruit.

The pressure it places in a persons wellbeing is worry as the numbers increase.

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