Mental Health: In the Black Community

Living in a world that categories people by colour is ludicrous to say the least. For one thing is for sure I am not a Crayola pen. But this is my category so I will use it purely because of its distinction and reference to people that appear like me, black.

Mental health is not a new subject by any stretch of the imagination, in fact it is old news. There were mental health asylums housing and experimenting on the poor, the incarcerated, and the low forms of society. Therefore if you haven’t guessed it, that is what Black have been ever since the Europeans landed on the shores of Africa and begun loading their human cargo. it’s o wonder we hide our mental disturbance for fear of the aftermath.

From that experiences alone it is not absurd to encompass the idea that we are (black peoples) suffering post traumatic stress disorder of the repercussions of slavery. We aren’t quite sure when the strong arm of injustices is going to knock us down and take whatever they want. The day to day stress we feel for how we appear, is a constant thought process calculated on a momentary basis when in the company of non black counter parts.

How do we deal with mental health, simply we don’t we just don’t look at it. We prefer not to encompass all the pain and the drama, we are too afraid of what it may open up for us. The fear that the world tells us on any given occasion that we simply aren’t good enough and yet take from our resources on a minute by minute process. We just don’t know how to deal with it and live i the fear that something bad might happen to us.

So what do we do, we hide it and we go to church, we hope God saves us in our death from this living turmoil. Life isn’t easy as it is, why add to it by dealing with depression. If it gets too ugly for some then we use that person as an example to never have mental health problems. Makes no sense, but in practice even less.

This closed minded, low level thinking only makes the situation worse, widens the gapn between help and suffering. Reinforces the stigma, builds on the fear and separeates us from ourselves.

What to do? The only thing I can do, make therapy as accessible and available as I can. Continue creating my videos on how to deal with anxiety and depression, how to manage particular situations, share and support others who dot he same. basically keep spreading the word that mental health support is available and it can work in the favour of the individual. But in order to do that, we have to reveal in order to heal.

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