Why You Do What You Do: Anxiety/Depression

As human being we are predisposed the feeling negative emotion. it is to do with our genetics, our make up.

Ever heard of the fight flight freeze response. back in a time when there was non civilised world, we lived among the animals, speech was not yet a frequented ability. We relied on our senses to ascertain whether we were in danger, as we were all about the survival of the fittest.

Our amygdala operates on this flight free freeze, deciding what parts of our body needs oxygen, more blood, the rush cortisol and adrenaline when we are stressed is a defence mechanism to protect us, help us make the right choice which is pro life. n short our amygdala helps us survive, it is like our very own emotional best friend that says, run something bad is going to happen, hide or fight your way to survival.

During times of emotional and mental unrest when we are challenged and our thinking is black and white, clouded by other thoughts and experience, our amygdala becomes our worse enemy. It works overtime, relying possible outcomes as perceived threats. Our cortisol levels on high alert, adrenaline tiring us out, thoughts racing, unable to stay in the here and now.

I see this daily in the therapy room. Clients some to me with the major two aliments, anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression come in pairs, anxiety is about a perceived threat in the further and depression loss and failure, in the past or the future. It does not take much to understand that together they are a complete nightmare. On one hand you have the perceived threat that something awful is going to happen, then on the other hand fear of failure and or having lost something in the past or a perceived loss or failure. Neither one allows you to enjoy life or simply live.

So why you do what you do, your amygdala is either functions for your rationally or irrationally. it is all based on .your thinking. What are you thinking hat is triggering your amygdala to wrk overtime. Now I am not saying that our amygdala are wrong and we should not use them.

We need our amygdala to support us to make decisions to support our live expectancy. If there is an ever a crazy person running towards you waving a axe, your amygdala will kick in and deiced what is the best thing for you to do.

However, if you find that doing every day things causes you too much stress, anxiety and you can’t do it or avoid things, such as supermarkets, crowed places, social settings, whatever the case maybe. If your life is hindered due to your over active amygdala working your anxiety in a a heighten state. This will work against you in every way until you manage your thinking understand that itt is irratoanl and create a rational thoguht to go with the trigger.

Easier said than done, that’s why there are professionals to help you understand and help you make the changes necessary.

The fundamental reason for why you do what you do, is basically your thinking, your thoughts and what they are linked to. Whatever you place meaning to and what that meaning means to you.

You are not your thoughts, but your thoughts can be so huge, so overwhelming that they are absolutely everything. But they are only that way based on what trigggers us into the thuht in the first place. We get int a particular mode a manner an attiudue which brings us to our reaction.

For example, a stern looking lady with glasses and a strong cold British accent my trigger a person into feeling belittled and small. This woman may appear to a likening of a particular school teacher who ill treated that person. Now wherever that person comes into contact with a particular type f person that resemble that teacher, they become weakened vulnerable, hurt, worried scared, embarrassed and may into be able to function. The perceived threat is that whatever the past trauma was is going to happen again. Propelling them into a state of fear of losing something, their dignity, esteem, whatever. It will all lead to irrational thinking, followed by irrational behaviours.

Now what do you think that persons amygdala is doing, working overtime on those irrational thoughts, An irrational thought can only lead to irrational behaviours and that is why you do hat you do. Because of irrational thinking.

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