Can’t But, Won’t But: Anxiety/Depression

When we say we can’t often it is due to that the fact that we won’t. Somethings are impossible, meanwhile others are achievable and tangible. The idea that we can’t fly isn’t exactly true. We don’t have wings and yes we are not birds, but we can all get an airline ticket and travel somewhere.

People have made almost the impossible possible, retuning the words impossible to I’m possible. But what about when it comes to mental health and a person simple can’t. They can’t get up out of bed, they can’t stop the worry, they can’t move on from the past, they can’t stop reliving th hurt.

As a human being you are amazing beyond what you have ever thought possible about yourself. You just don’t believe it or more to the point you just don’t think it.

Thought is the first most powerful thing before the creation of anything that was ever made on this earth, thought came first. Thoughts have built cities, created air-travel, invented TV’s developed the internet. Thoughts are just things that happen, thoughts are things that we create.

So going back to the point of can’t and won’t. When a person is depressed the feelings of loss and failure are overwhelming. They simply can’t see anything but the loss and or failure, life is bleak there is no point. Why is that? Because of thought, the thoughts that are ruminating around their head give no vision of possibility, just impossibility and failure. So they can’t see any way forward, just every way down.

I argue this, due to the faulty thinking we create our own pain. It is common for us as humans to honestly believe that we can’t and believe that we are faulted. Truth is we aren’t faulted, we are an imperfect human being with unique flaws ad features which in the default of imperfection makes us a perfectly imperfect human beings. Perfection is overrated and over thought, there s no measurement of perfection which makes it completely unachievable because what is perfect

When we say we can’t that is just not the case, it is in fact that we won’t. The reason that we won’t is because we do not know how, so we believe that we can’t because there is no map or guide of how to. Knowledge is power it is key it is paramount. If we have the knowledge to know that we can then we would realise that when we don’t it’s because we won’t not because we can’t.

My point is not to place blame but start opening up the awareness that we are more powerful than we think we are. When a person is afflicted with mental health disturbance the weakness and inability to do and evolve kicks in. How about doing something else, instead of flowing with these negative thoughts of pain, try something different, because you can. When you realise that you can then you realise that you have not been doing so and that actually it is a choice and you have the power the choose.

My mission to to help make change happen by changing the world one thought at a time. If we can adapt to the fast past of technology then surely we can adapt to the knowledge that we do have a choice and we can choose for our betterment.

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