Do The Hard Bit

One of the uphill battles as a therapist to get people to commit to change. I have had many conversation with individuals who do not commit to the change meanwhile they explore quick fixes.

Therapy is not a walk in the park, it is a daily practice to ensure haelthy wealthy mental health behaviours, thoguhts and attitudes. Most commonly in mental health therapustic intervention the therapist is working against past old deep rooted beleifs. Therefore it is not going to be an easy run.

You have got to do the hard bit, the hard bit is the every day, but most importantly committing to do it daily. Change does not come easy, depending on the type of change you u are seeking. For example, to gain weight, lose fitness, be idle does not take much focus. In fact what is does take is a commitment to not be commitment to doing anything. A commitment to laziness I suppose. Which is effortless. However the consequences can catastrophic and for some deadly.

I had a client once state during their first session (the consultation) that they expected to be cured in one session due to the cost of the sessions. I w as completely struck by how they insisted that their mental health could be solved in 50 minutes. A life time of mental health disturbance, drug addiction, self harming, physical abuse to be cured in 50 minutes because of the cost of the session.

I was amazed to say the least that this person felt that the cost that had brought them to where they are currently with their mental health, could be canceled out by 50 minutes of psychotherapy.

I begun to wonder why, I noticed that only a certain type of person could actually manage therapy, meanwhile there are many who simply can not. I observed in the therapy room on seeing hundreds and hundreds of people. I questioned, what exactly is it that separates those you do and those who don’t, or can’t, I was not completely sure if it was a can’t or a don’t or won’t.

When I moved my therapeutic practice to the city of London and begun working for the Priory in the Wellbeing centre I then came face to face with the reason. Clear as day.

Having spent time with he bankers, insurance brokers, accountants, solicitors, graduate doctors, self made entrepreneurs and CEOs. I came across one common denominator. They were all committed to their progress and development., they wanted to do the hard work, they were willing to push themselves. They faced the good the bad and the ugly and do you know waht happened, they made progress.

Life can be like a box of chocolates as you never quite know what you are going to get. However it is not always guaranteed to be sweet once you taste it, but it will be a gamble most of the time. It is the determination, the willingness, the focus and self perseverance that counts in the journey through our own life that places us in the pole position of authority over how we want to feel and what we want to achieve. Hard work is the core, without it nothing is gained and everything is lost.

I short, do the hard bit, it may be hard now but it will be easier later.

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