Emotions are the language of the Body

PODCAST: Emotions The Body In Motion https://anchor.fm/disreeshaw/episodes/Emotions-The-Body-In-Motion-e5ju68

EMOTIONS The bodies language. Do you listen to what your emotions are tell you. When you don’t things happen inside the body.

Feeling angry? Maybe you clench your fists or punch something. What do you do when you are anxious?

Listening to your emotions is good for your health. When you don’t listen then you experience physical discomfort or mental anguish.

What are your emotions telling you? Find out how to release your negative emotions by following the steps on this podcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/2zfnU0P285DEcP4TR5ntb9?si=ENPHs8fdSKOkzo7IpZkq9A

Visit my site to find out more about your wellness Disree Shaw


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