UnPlug reload and Focus Inward. But How?

Unplug, do you ever, are you always constantly plugged into the matrix the zone needing to help be of service and therefore deplete yourself of all your energies .

When you board an aircraft flight attendants tell you to tend to your own safety equipment before you help anyone else with theres. Do you do that in real active life? or are you constantly tending to others seeking out what they need rather than your own.

In this podcast episode I talk about unpluging reloading and focusng inward.

It may be that you could do with checking in on how you feel, hit the link http://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ and check on your mental wellbeing . Are you stressed, overworked, angry, depressed . Take the questionnaire and see where you are mentally and emotional.

Knowledge is power and power is key, knowing what is going on for you takes you one step closer to dealing with whatever it is that you have in-front of you.

Thank you for listening, share your feedback and spread the word.

I am on a mission to change the world one thought at a time.

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