You Think As You Feel

YOU THINK HOW YOU FEEL Honestly it really is that simply. What you think is directly linked to how you feel. It is not rocket science but it is tricky.

I made this podcast to create an understnading of how our thoghts crate our state of mind and to demonstrate that we can chang it,.

You are what you think you are if you feel what you are thinking. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Take a moment t and listen to what I have stated in this podcast and try the action out at the end. See if it makes a difference .

I do aim to make a difference and change the world one thought at a time. all it takes is one thought and all it takes is the willingness to want to make that change. You don’t have to.

CBT is my speciality and I go about crating pathways to use it in everyday life and remove the clinical cold structure that it is often perceived to be set in.

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