About Me

Who am I, I’m just me simle as that. I’m serious, frivilous, funny, strict, casual, formal I am a falible human being.

Having struggled with relationships and growing up I am an expert on my life and how to life through trauma , manage difficult situation and develop more effectively for the betterment of oneself.

I am a lover of people, I love connection, I love interaction and I thrive in the art of conversation .

My career path was never thought out, in fact many times I wondered what the hell am I going to do with myself, where are I going to be at 40?

I used to watch episodes of Frasier as a teen and wonder how on earth could I get into psychology, I was never the most academic brilliant one, my school was lets just crap. I strived for learning but knew I could only grab whatever I could. Growing up in South Londn during the 90s. I caught a break and was acepted into BRITs, even thoguh I never wanted to be an actress, i just waned something to do that I could do that I felt that was ok. So drama it was, until I started at Middlesex University where everything went wrong.

I had my first encounter with real life and I simply could not handle it. I saw one way out and so bought 3 packets of paracetamol and proceeded to take them with a bottle of Vodka. Needless to say the attempt was in-futile and the result is that I am here today.

At that point I was even more fascinated by my own psychology wellbeing and why I believed that was the only way out. I talked about becoming a counselling after that, I was told by a sibling that I just simply wasn’t counsellor material and I wouldn’t be able to do.

I thought at that stage I am no where I ain’t going no where re I can’t contribute to society at all. So I performed a dead beat job in Rymans on Kings Road London. This job stole my soul away. I then performed a string of dead beat jobs and then finally quit.

I met a soul destroying partner I had a horrid time I exited found a haven making random soap operas that went nowhere, I knew I couldn’t go back to a dead beat job and the filming was not making me any cash. So I became a youth worker and found an avenue where I could run drama workshops. This was my first break I turned that into a business and ran workshops across London on with a small team. But it still wasn’t my dream. I did this for 10 years. Amazing how we can do something for so long that is not our dream, making do, putting up with things knowing that we don’t actually want it or like it.

I wanted to retrain and the partner I was with at the time told me that he is not going to be with a student. I felt stuck, until I left him and went and retrained to be a counsellor. My first step to becoming a CBT therapist.

I still was no where near where I wanted to be, more struggle more let downs and more disappointments . I had a vision that I’d be working in a clinic a few days . week with the view to run a private practice on the weekend. I wanted to write, create vlogd.

2018 I was able to do just that. This is my human experince thus far. I have not included everthing as a lot of story is painful but may reason for doing what I do.

I understand hurt, anger, anxiety and depression first hand, I get why people do bizarre things that simply don’t make sense, why because I did most of them myself. My human experience is real and the struggle is not yet over. But know I now how to live my human experience better than I did before.